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October 4, 20190

The Popularity of Marriage in Decline

Marriage is a consecrated bond between two people who consent to marry each other. It is a significant event in every individual since it changes life entirely. However, all marriages merely rely on a concave probability if they would be successful.



Divorce Rates in Old Days

Since the previous four decades, divorce rates have skyrocketed all across Pakistan. With the growth in infrastructure, technology, social media, and empowerment, minorities have consistently strived to create a haven for themselves. A social media handle offers endangered minorities of a country to be vocal about their needs, safety and practice what they wish. Social media grew exponentially, making the world a much smaller place. Before social media websites, it was almost impossible for a person belonging to a minority to reach higher authorities for justice. Now, you’re merely a viral post away from it. With social media, people have showcased videos and photos to highlight the abuses of domestic and sexual to raise awareness about the criminal situations that most of the population consistently ignores and denies.


Faults of the Centuries

Women in Pakistan face deep-rooted misogynism and sexism. Even today, in some places, women are considered the weaker sex. Misogyny in Pakistan is so high that women often feel that it’s correct, that they can’t do anything about it, and that they were made to rely on the male counterparts of their family, i.e., Father, Brother, Husband, and Son. They spent all their lives living in a toxic household where their rights, privacy, and freedom were compromised merely for basic living needs such as food and shelter. So, In Pakistani Society, the reasons mentioned above are the causes of why the divorce rates were so low.


The Popularity of Marriage in Decline - Mavens & Co.


Divorce Rates in Modern Days

However, in today’s world, divorce rates have become so high. The main reason for divorce is that women today are resilient, independent, educated, and well-known about the rights that the constitution of Pakistan offers them. Whenever a woman today thinks that her marriage is getting toxic, they make a clean exit to a happier life. If the partner displays abusive behavior or as such, the other partner exercises their own right to either dissolve the marriage or issue a warning by the court and fix the mistakes.

Although the most major reason, it isn’t the only cause of divorce. Divorces occur for variously diverse reasons, which depend on individual to individual. The second most common cause for divorce is an extramarital affair, where one individual cheats on their spouses. Adultery knows no class, color, or creed; it occurs all over in a society, a practice committed by both genders but mainly by the men in the marriage. When a spouse knows of it, it’s only natural to opt for divorce.


Common Reasons

Another important reason for divorce occurs when substance abuse is committed by one of the spouses. Drug abuse is a severe issue in Pakistan, as it causes numerous problems in marriage; with drug abuse, a person becomes numb to reality and often aggressive if their addictions are not validated consistently.

A deep-rooted problem in Pakistan is the acceptance of child marriages, where two children who cannot consent are married to each other; in most cases, this causes chaos that affects both individuals’ mental health. Child marriages can often be physically challenging for both individuals, predominantly the female, as early pregnancies toll their health, often causing death.


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