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We have a dedicated team meant to solve every issue involved in a divorce. Legal consultation and guidance help solve your divorce affairs in court or out of court without much hustle.

Non-Court Dispute Resolution

Divorce and other family law disagreements can often be unnecessarily expensive and stressful if they reach the courtroom. Non-Court Dispute Resolution (Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR) can reduce the time and cost for everyone and has other benefits such as increased privacy and the avoidance of protracted court proceedings. Family law is all we do.

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At Mavens & Co., we offer you non-court dispute resolutions. This legal strategy involves people who can resolve their family issues/disputes by attending court sessions. This approach refers to as alternative dispute resolution (ADR). At the most, ADR can come underutilization to resolve problems such as divorces, domestic abuse, and money issues.

But why would an individual choose a non-court dispute resolution? To answer this, we need to understand that there are numerous forms of non-court dispute resolutions. However, the main advantage is that the two parties don’t have to appear in court for proceedings or rely on the judge to provide the dates. Both of the parties can come up with a date suitable for both. This process has proven to be cost-effective, and the complications of matters are dealt with professionally. However, a non-court dispute resolution may not always be necessarily quick and cheap, although it can prove to be less expensive comparatively. If the two parties come to a solution to dissolve a dispute, legal costs don’t matter.

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However, it is essential to acknowledge that a non-court dispute resolution, consisting of many advantages, cannot always be the right choice for every case. There are cases where couples or families may be involved in tremendously high conflicts, leading to either side’s insufficient or deceiving financial disclosure. At Mavens & Co., we will help you with such procedures by carefully reviewing your possible options. The option we will provide you with will work out as the most legit in your situation.

Suppose, in your case, the most appropriate option is utilizing non-court dispute resolution. In that case, our family law attorney will provide you with all the guidance and advice so that you feel validated about your decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from the first meeting with your solicitor?

Mavens & Co., we provide you with experienced solicitors. These solicitors are professionals in conveyancing, drafting wills, and providing exponential assistance in other legal matters. In some cases or scenarios, a solicitor may also give instructions to barristers and represent you in specific legal proceedings.

The divorce process: filing the paperwork and timescales.

Our consultants provide you with all the information and assistance in these private matters regarding divorce procedures. Ensuring complete privacy is our priority. We offer to assist you through complex and complicated paperwork in manageable timeframes to make challenging processes easier.

Making arrangements for children and family finances.

When it comes to making decisions about financial arrangements followed by divorces, separation of death of an individual, the division of assets is an essential step in ensuring that your children get their rightful inheritances. We at Mavens make sure to draft an arrangement that’s is suitable for everyone involved. With experts handling such matters, we validate you with appropriate decisions for the best outcomes.

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