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Mavens & Co. are experts when it comes to solving property issues legally. We are aware of the changes in property law & tackle them efficiently.

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Mavens & Co. are a team of real estate lawyers and advocates providing innovative solutions and legal guidance regarding the ever-changing property laws. We offer a wide range of legal services relating to development, conversion, sales, and property purchase. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experts in the legal aspects relating to real estate, making sure to take care of all the documentation and contract regarding property concerns.

Being one of the leading law firms in the country, we work with property developers, public and private real estate owners, investors, contractors, and more, making sure their actions are aligned with the property law. Our professionals handle your case and ensure transparency throughout the case.

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Property Law enlists the various forms of ownership in real estate, including all sorts of personal properties. These laws exist so that individuals can have security assurance from the government as property safety comes under the right designated to an individual who owns fixed assets, to prevent theft, extortion, or land grabbing. Property law also addresses what a person can do with their properties. For example, a person purchases a house in a residential area; they cannot produce commercial goods that require industrial machinery. It could make a lot of noise and emit greenhouse gases, causing discomfort to people living nearby.

Similarly, an individual cannot purchase a property and possibly do illicit or illegal activities such as prostitution, drugs, or holding people hostage; these activities are considered a severe offense and are punishable by law.  The Constitution of Pakistan, under article 23, gives its citizens the right to acquire, hold and dispose of the property in any part of Pakistan. It does not differentiate between men and women. The following article (24) talks about protecting property rights and clarifies that no one will face acute deprivation of his possessions save following the law. Following the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939, a wife is entitled to all the Property she has earned for herself and the benefits deriving from the husband’s property. If the wife demands a divorce (Khula), she is not entitled to any dower. On dissolution of marriage, the husband has no right to the property of his wife.

Under the Married Women’s Property Act, 1874, a married woman has the right to separate Property and to take legal proceedings in her name. A married woman is also liable for her contracts regarding her property.

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