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With a team of qualified lawyers and solicitors, we are at Maven & Co. provide our clients with legal advice regarding their family matters. From divorce, child custody, and financial matter to ending a civil relationship, domestic abuse, and more, we cover all aspects of family law. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the field enable us to guide you through the difficult phase taking one step at a time.

We deliver qualified services and assistance with the settlement of domestic controversies while ensuring the welfare of children after the separation of the parents. We also encourage our clients to cooperate and share the responsibilities of the parents during dissolution. Since family matters are very personal, you need a trusted legal professionals for effective guidance and effective results.

Family Law Attorney

Family laws, sometimes also denoted as matrimonial law, are a section of the law that revolves around family affairs and domestic relations. Family Law covers the areas of adoption, divorce, child custody, and child support. A family law attorney specializes in all matters which come under the umbrella of Family law. A state or a country possesses the right to regulate reasonable formal requirements for marriage, including age and legal capacity. It also includes the rules and specific procedures for divorce.

There are a few terms that individuals should know about; these include emancipation, marital Property, Alimony, paternity, prenuptial agreement. Freedom means to denote a procedure where the court rules out that a minor can support themselves by having financial independence, which concludes that they no longer require the support of their parents.

Marital Property, when a couple divorces each other, the assets they share are subjected to the division after separation is complete. When it comes to Alimony, it is an allowance made to one spouse by the other for support during or after a divorce occurs. Paternity declares that if the child is biological to the person who says that he is the father. A prenuptial agreement is simply a concurrence made by both individuals before marrying; this confirms the exemption of rights to each other’s assets if divorce or death occurs.

A significant reason to hire a family law attorney is to handle divorce proceedings and matters related to divorce, which includes the division of assets and reproductive rights. People usually employ a divorce lawyer due to paternity, adoption/foster care, and divorce.

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