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Our services cover everything related to legal affairs. We help people in their business and family issues legally.
Legal guidance provided by us has solved the problems of hundreds of people over the past few years.

Legal Litigation

We offer a dynamic range of legal services to cater all the legal issues that people face as a commercial and corporate litigation law firm. We strive forward to provide all the information for our clients to make them perceive confidence as they collaborate with us. Below are mentioned all the legal procedures we handle.

Civil Litigation

When an accident occurs or a nonfulfillment in a contract between two or more parties, such scenarios are often known as Civil Cases. Before you proceed with a civil case, you must acquire legal advice. Our Civil Litigation Lawyers make sure to guide you your way through these intricate procedures. Civil attorneys are known as “litigators” or a “Trial Lawyer” to care for civil issues. A civil litigation lawyer’s responsibility can be complex and diverse. Attorneys specializing in this domain must have the talent to assume oppositional positions, basically accepting conflict and controversy. To cater to their clients, a Civil Lawyer will be obligated to grapple with the prosecutor or defendants to obtain the most favorable outcome.

Criminal Activities & NAB Cybercrime

As humans, we can choose a path to decide; these decisions can sometimes consider a crime unintentionally or intentionally. These crimes can average from petty to vigorous; some crimes occur without physical activity, such as online crime. This law is to protect individuals from criminal activities. Governments create laws regarding different crimes. These laws exercise penalties and punishments for the person who has committed a crime. Strict rules regarding a crime are there so that criminals think twice before engaging them. These laws give a society a calm and neat procedure to handle injustice.

Family Laws

A family is every person’s happy place. However, at times problems arise in families to such an extent that external help is required to stop them before anyone gets hurt, mentally, emotionally, or physically. Family Law addresses issues like child custody, child support, division of Property, and domestic abuse; as these issues are extensively private, it is essential to handle them with care, or one can be affected through it. To assist an individual and resolve these issues peacefully, a trusted professional attorney/lawyer is required to clear a path for their client carefully. Family Law ensures that matters remain private, not to attract negative attention.

Banking Laws

The world we live in requires a person to have finances to survive. To seek knowledge about managing your finances, an individual can seek consultations of financial consultants; when there is money involved, problems could inevitably arise, such as thefts, credit card frauds, cybercrimes, and loan repayment disputes. An individual needs to keep their finances clear and precise to avoid any disruptions. However, if any troubles occur, a person should immediately inform the relevant authorities for assurance. To counter such issues, an individual should get in touch with a banking attorney as they are present to assist individuals. A banking lawyer is obligated to handle documentation of corporations, lending papers, letters, wills, and claims.

Property Laws

Property law is a jurisprudence where issues regarding an individual’s possessions or belongings should mention. As property law consistently changes exponentially in Pakistan, people must keep acknowledging the changes. Property Law involves selling and purchasing properties, tax payments of Property, preserving your intellectual Property copyrighted to prevent plagiarism. It also includes people interested in real estate, builders, or contractors to work under the aligned conditions with property law. An individual should collaborate with an experienced trademark attorney working at a reputed trademark law firm for safe and secure properties.

Copyrights and Trademark

People have been branding and protecting their intellectual properties for centuries. But why do people do this? When artists used to produce artwork or reading material, sometimes their work used get plagiarized; this used to cause them to lose money after putting in so much work. Meanwhile, the individual who stole their work used it as their own used to get all the incentives and fame. To avoid this, painters like Pablo Picasso used to sign his paintings. A trademark secures your name and logo from people who want to use it for their purposes. When we talk about copyright, it ensures your original work, providing only you the right to change, edit or make money from it. If anyone decides to steal copyrighted and trademark data, they can face copyright infringement which has its consequences.

Divorce Law

When handling private and personal matters such as a divorce law or domestic abuse in families, a non-court dispute resolution is an option. In this procedure, your privacy and secrecy are higher as to what you get in a court. Things remain private without attracting any unwanted attention. These procedures comparatively cost less and require a lesser amount of timeframe. When problems arise in families, such as a separation with child custody and child support, it causes extreme changes in a person’s life; this is why people must find a solution that caters to everyone. With a formal agreement, the most convenient solution occurs.

Civil <strong>Litigation</strong> Lawyer

Civil Litigation Lawyer

We are assisting in personal civil disagreements between individuals or institutions.
Banking <strong>Law</strong>

Banking Law

We assist people with banking law, with our banking lawyers clearing your path from any obstacles.
Divorce <strong>Law</strong>

Divorce Law

Our experienced and professional family attorney, we ensure your satisfaction.
Criminal <strong>(NAB-Cybercrime)</strong>

Criminal (NAB-Cybercrime)

Our Cybercrime Lawyers protect you from online fraud.
Property <strong>Laws</strong>

Property Laws

We connect you with a trademark attorney to help you in your way through legality concerns and documentations.
Family <strong>Laws</strong>

Family Laws

Family Law Attorneys professionals in all slants of Family Law.
Trade <strong>Copyright</strong>

Trade Copyright

We protect your intellectual properties with our trademark copyright registrations with the help of our trademark lawyers
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