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We provide you legal guidance on your civil litigation issues according to state laws & regulations. Our services cover a wide array of complex civil matters.

Civil Litigation Lawyers

Mavens & Co. are a team of attorneys and civil litigation lawyers providing clients with business development solutions and legal support, effectively helping them through a wide range of complex civil matters. We cover them all because of fraud, intellectual property theft, legal employment matters, and more. We have the knowledge and the information to deliver strategic advice assisting clients with legal challenges in a thoughtful, timely, and cost-effective manner. Our team of professional law experts understands the legal system and develops the proper evidence delivering the desired results.

Our commitment to maintaining the industry’s professional standards motivates us to deliver the best quality to our clients and helps us maintain a top rank in the market. Also, we understand the client’s requirements and develop an efficient plan that contributes to your corporate success.

Civil Litigation Attorney

To start proceedings, one must issue and serve a written court document known as a writ or pleading. In civil cases, most don’t even get to court as they dissolve in advance. If the case goes through to a trial, with the entire process executed, starting with filing the documents, the court initiates the issue through its resolutions. These procedures can take time which could vary from a few months to several years. However, if individuals are not satisfied with the outcome, they can appeal again in a higher court. If your case commences in a district court, you can appeal in a city court. Meanwhile, if a chance starts in the city court, the appeal goes to the high court. Furthermore, a high court case is an appeal to the supreme court in exceptional circumstances.

However, there are relatively strict timeframes following making appeals. If you wish to appeal again, you should acknowledge their timeframes.

When it comes to the fees of a civil attorney, it involves a few factors such as complexity of a case, time involved, with their experience and skill in the particular area of law. A lawyer’s overhead typically incorporates roughly 30-50 percent of the legal fees charged. What civil lawyers do is conduct research, investigate and prepare the case before proceeding. Most of the work after the client takes leave from the lawyer’s chamber. With all the research and investigation involved, this process can be very time-consuming. In conclusion, clients are usually unaware of the amount of time that their legal matter will take.

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