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FBR Income Tax Return Filing Guide: 2024 Deadline & Process

FBR income tax filing is the process of submitting your tax returns to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Pakistan. The tax returns contain details of your income, expenses, and taxes paid during the financial year. Following things to consider while filing fbr income tax.   Determine the Filing Deadline: The first step in...

A Complete Guide About Income Tax Filing 2024

Haven’t you filled out your income tax? No worries you got much time to complete this process and become a responsible person in your country. We understand that many people are unaware of tax filings or legal-related issues, but these are important for any business individual and the nation’s prosperity. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic...

How to Become a Filer

How to Become a Tax Filer in Pakistan (2022) Mavens & Co will guide you through the process of tax filing in Pakistan. To simply put, A tax filer is a person who pays taxes to the government of Pakistan, which gives them certain perks for which a non-filer is not. Mavens pride itself on...

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