SINGLE SERVICECopyrights and Trademark

We are a professional law firm that solves the branding problems of every sized business. From NTN registration to solving copyrights issues, we cover every aspect of copyright & trademark.

Copyrights and Trademark

Maven & Co. is a full-service law firm providing quality advice to businesses of all sizes on all aspects of intellectual property laws. We undertake transactional work relating to the structuring and co-branding agreements and represent clients for the breaches of copyrights and trademarks of major brands in the industry.

With the increased copyright infringements, we help our clients overcome the challenges regarding intellectual properties, making sure to thrive in our endeavors. We collaborate with businesses as a collective unit leading them to business success. Working with diversified clientele, we ensure that they get to explore their true potential and set new standards of excellence in their respective industries.

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